Saludos de Dharma

sábado, 4 de junio de 2011


Life drifting upon an infinite sea
Seeing into your soul knowing you
Sensing your embrace in every trace
Indulging our passion filled with grace

A kiss that touches lips wet moist inviting
Treasured emotions releasing so sweetly
Eyes that know a world beyond sight
Sensuous desire builds flowing tonight

We see so much more clearly now
After all of this time we envelope the light
Time to let go of all the past sorrow and pain
Cherished memories are all that now remain

You’re a woman of infinite depth
My heart knows our longing never left
Melting right now into your strong arms
Your tender touch soothes and charms

Gently we find our way upon a new plane
Creating the next chapter of our shared space
Time has only given us perspective as we grew
We are choosing to reconnect to rediscover anew
Tenderly my love I want you to know I desire all of you

Maria Luisa

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