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viernes, 8 de abril de 2011

The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love (1995)


Actores: Laurel Holloman (actualmente Tina en The L Word), Nicole Ari Parker, Maggie Moore, Sabrina Artel, Kate Stafford, Toby Poser, Andrew Wright.
Sinopsis: Randy es una adolescente lesbiana que vive con su tía lesbiana y su pareja y que después de la escuela, trabaja en una gasolinera. Estando en su trabajo conoce a Evie, una chica que asiste a la misma escuela que ella, pero que a diferencia de Randy, viene de una familia con dinero, es popular, buena estudiante y tiene novio. Desde ese momento empieza a florecer una relación romántica entre las dos jóvenes.


This is a movie that manages to please despite itself. A lot of the dialogue is flat, a lot of the direction is stilted, most of the supporting characters are inept, the plot goes nowhere as often as not, and the music is practically AWOL. But the sheer whimsy of the unusual tale of a pair of teenage girls falling in love and the sincere, skittish performances by the two young actresses playing them very nearly makes up for all of it. Evie is a wealthy, popular, intelligent girl pampered by her affectionate mother; Randy, a boyish, school-hating aspiring guitarist growing up in a all-lesbian household. Both will have to face certain aspects of themselves and others in their lives so that they may be together. It's very, very sweet, and I don't mean that in a bad sense. It glows with the innocence of first infatuation, and the awkward tenderness of nervous young lovers, only slightly tinted by the shadows of the "real" world. This movie was about two young lesbians, but it is really the universal story of anyone and everyone who sincerely fell in love at 17.

los liks son dos para descargar la película y están aquí, en un documento de texto, si hay dudas me dicen:

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