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jueves, 9 de diciembre de 2010

For Sara

you miss her, and i miss you
By aannette

i wanted you to love me, the way that you loved her.
i wanted you to touch me, even if you pictured her.
i needed you to see me, without seeing me at all.
i tried to keep your attention, but i never had it at all.
i liked when you liked me, when i liked you too.
i hurt when you lied to me, when you just couln't say we were through.
how did she hold your heart, even after she said she said she was through?
long years you had her, and she had you.
she must have been amazing, for you to want to see it through.
i'm sorry that she hurt you, i wanted my chance with you.
but you never should have said you thought of me daily, when daily it wasn't true.
i cried on that last holiday, when you couldn't call just to say how are you?
coldest valentines ever, when i knew our love would never be true.
i know that you miss her, and i miss you.
i'm sorry i couldn't be her, i couldn't replace what she was to you.
your first love, but did you know that there could be a number two?
maybe one day i can see you, and you'll look at me anew.
the first girl you met after her, and whose love for you was true.

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